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Discount carpet Black


  • Dikte3 mm
  • MateriaalNaaldvilt (EN13297)
  • Breedte 1.00 meter, 2.00 Meter
  • VerpakkingPer m2
  • Gewicht1.00 Kg


• Can be delivered within 72 hours
• Always at competitive prices
• Will not stain in the rain
• Luxury look and feel
• Are 100% recyclable

Discount carpet Black
  • Van € 7,99
  • Voor: 3,99incl. btw 3,30 excl. btw
Gewenste afmetingen
  • Lengte meter x breedte meter
  • Aantal

  • Oppervlakte1m2
  • Totaalprijs€ 3,30
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Totaalprijs: € 3,30

Our poles will add the finishing touch to your party. You can add these to your order below. If you are interested in having your product installed, please contact us for a price quotation. TIP: We carry various fixing materials for fastening your carpet runner. For instance, duct tape, double-sided tape and fastening pins. After use, the tape can easily be removed from the surface. We can supply duct tape in the colour of your carpet runner (if available). You can add these fastening products to your order below.